Cloud Infrastructure

  • Quack is hosted on leading cloud infrastructure platforms: Vercel and Google Cloud Platform
  • Within the Quack platform, all transit routes are encrypted with ****HTTPS/SSL by default.****
  • Our API layer uses Vercel’s built in firewall with DDOS mitigation that blocks incoming traffic if it hits abnormal or suspicious levels of incoming requests.

Data Storage

  • All data is stored is encrypted at rest and in transit via TLS.
  • Development and Production environments are sandboxed and separate.

Logging and Monitoring

  • We retain logs for 3 days to help with customer success and product support.

Vulnerability Management

  • We are rolling out [Snyk]( and []( for automated code supply chain monitoring.
  • We are in the process of automating our code package updates with [dependabot](

Role-based access control

  • Members of organizations in Quack can / have to be granted access to specific resources relevant to their role before they can access customer data.
  • We do not sell your data, we request permission to access customer data for support purposes.